Aloha, my name is Stephanie David…

I’ve struggled with food and body image all my life. I grew up a tomboy and was never big or small. In fact my body was regular and that sense of ordinary translated into not having a 

real foundation for health or wellness. My standards were constantly persuaded by my peers and ever so changing cultural expectations.

In truth:  the blend of trying to meet everyone elseʻs standards and lack of real science and holistic health and nutrition information, made me terribly sick.

Then, I had my son and realized, I have spent almost 30 years on this Earth not understanding how my body worked and how to be comfortable in it because I was too worried about everyone else. And IF I didn’t change, I would get good at it: settling, being insecure, and ultimately, being everyone else’s cheerleader, except my own.  How was I suppose to teach my son love and confidence with this recipe? Since 2012, I’ve dedicated all my time and energy redefining what health, wealth, education and nutrition really mean to me: a mama, educator, health coach, personal trainer, teen mentor, Nationally Qualified bikini bodybuilder, with tons of food allergies, who works multiple jobs, divorced and co parents in Hawaii.

Ultimately: I specialize in seeing, tracking and evolving how the scientific, holistic, cultural and habitual patterns of your health either compete or work together. 

© 2019 by Kū-A-Kanaka

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