I’ve struggled with food and body image all my life. As a kid, I was a tomboy. I was never big or small. In fact, by scientific standards, my body was regular and that sense of ordinary translated into not having a real foundation for health or wellness. My health and fitness standards were constantly persuaded by my peers and social expectations. The simple truth is when I had my son I decided that I had enough.

I spent almost 30 years on Earth not understanding how my body worked and how to be comfortable in it because I was too worried about everyone else. I knew IF I didn’t change, I would get good at:

  • Settling
  • Being Insecure
  • Uncomfortable in my own skin
  • Worst of all, being everyone else’s cheerleader, except my own.  

Since 2012, I’ve dedicated ALL my time and energy redefining what health, wealth, education and nutrition really mean to me: a mama, educator, health coach, personal trainer, teen mentor, Nationally Qualified bikini bodybuilder, with tons of food allergies, divorced and co parents in Hawaii.


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