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Homeschool 2020: Sample 1 Week Plan

homeschool Dec 10, 2020
Typical Day Structure

8-9am Physical activity: walk, stretch, yoga, WOD, skatepark
9-10am Breakfast: teach, cook, clean up
10-11am Worksheets: math, language arts, geography
11-12am Down time, free choice
12-1pm Lunch: teach, cook, clean up
1-2pm Hands on project activity: garden, art, board game
2-3pm Life skills- laundry, cleaning, organizing, money, check social media, discuss
3-4pm Down time, free choice
4-5pm 20 min of reading, connect with loved ones (Face time), make cards
5-6:30pm Help prep for dinner/dinner, technology free, music only
6:30-7pm Shower
7-9pm Family time: movie night, board games, art, crafts, karaoke

Art/Craft Ideas:
Monday: black and white art (pencil and paper only)
Tuesday: build with toothpicks (toothpicks, quality glue)
Wednesday: pop up cards
Thursday: rubber stamps and colored pencils
Friday: stamps using leaves and the environment

Family Movie Night Classic List:
Monday: Richie Rich
Tuesday: Mighty Ducks
Wednesday: Sandlot
Thursday: Karate Kid
Friday: Jurassic Park

Favorite Technology Resources:

Still not convinced?

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or concerns, I'll happily answer your questions and/or give you an behind the scenes virtual tour.