Updated: Mar 31, 2019

7 Mile Breakfast 1. Protein Smoothie for quick relief (water+ protein powder) pictures is Max Muscle Strawberry Banana

2. 1 cup egg whites with some greens, seasoning and two teaspoons of salsa

3. Alvaro Bakery Sprouted Rye Seed Toast

4. Down tons of water

Nutritional Breakdown: Calories: 356 Protein 55 g and Carbs 18 g

Running to the gym and back takes about 7 miles round trip. Once I actually get there I lift and weight train for about 30-45 min. It is a long session but fun if your headphones are charged and there is a breeze in the air. This is my go to breakfast after to get me quick nutrition and hold me over for a few hours for lunch.


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