Being a Human Canvas...

For the last four years, I've explored the wonderful world of body image. From bodybuilding, to fitness modeling and now, body paint. Why? I truly felt that I spent a majority of my time in my "pre 30's" doing other things. I was content with my career and professional development, but uncomfortable at the lack of development when it came to confidence, body image and more.

In truth, being a human canvas was way easier than bodybuilding or modeling. It was a silent conversation between an artist and model. As an empath, I could feel the artist's thoughts, with each stroke came a breath and with each breath an intention. What most people won't know is that the night before this collaboration she and I sat on the couch and nestled for a while exchanging stories of our families, connecting and interconnection how we love too deeply and how we wouldn't want it any other way. In these moments, movement wasn't necessary because you are too busy listening. As women, we have very few moments where we can be vulnerable AND SAFE. Even more rare are wonderful people to accompany us to capture the moments on video and silently cheer on work.


© 2019 by Kū-A-Kanaka

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