Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Usually I am great about eating my veggies. I often try and incorporate as many colors as possible but when life gets busy or traveling it can get tricky. Recently, my cousin shared with me two products from the same company, Vibrant Health. Both products provide a multitude of quality vitamins, probiotics and ultimately everything you need to fuction optionally from digestion, recovery, circulation and more. Usually for high quality products I can feel subtle changes after a few times, but this product I can feel the health benefits almost instantaneously. No wonder it has received so many awards (including several Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplements Award) every year starting in 2006 to now. It is so impressive I now incorporate it into my “clutch-go to” products. You pay for what you get it is not cheap but most definitely you benefit from the quality of the product.

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