How NOT to Waste Time & Money at the Gym

Fact- going to the gym does not ensure you’re actually going correctly.

Here are some thinking points and tips to help ensure you are getting the most out of your gym experience.

1. How do I select either a home gym or traveling gym?

  • I choose gyms that reflect my values- mixed age groupings. (I need to see elders, they are my main source of motivation) Skinny/fit people don’t motivate me (no offense) I love seeing full bodies move in dynamic ways despite my love for bodybuilding. Stick to what works for your heart!

  • Are the workers genuinely happy to be there? (you can tell by their body language when no one is looking and what they eat) The quality of the workers will ensure clean equipment, weights re-racked correctly, leak into the members and a sense of community.

  • Do the members make eye contact with you and acknowledge your presence?

  • Most important- is it small, small enough to be remembered, accountable, where you notice the same people who will recognize your progress and you with them (big gyms are overwhelming for me and I spend more time people watching and waiting for machines than training)

2. How convenient is it?

  • If it’s walking distance, it gives me an opportunity to be outdoors and get extra cardio or listen to an uplifting podcast.

  • If I see it everyday it wI’ll force me into a routine because it doesn’t make sense to spend money on something I see everyday and not use it.

3. Finally, what are my gym rules?

-Always come with a plan, even if it’s just a muscle

group, too many people come with no plan and spend way too much time on their phone searching wasting precious time and dropping heart rates causing inefficient sluggish workouts. When I started Pinterest was my favorite because many people have pre set plans.

-Focus on what you can do, track your work, whether it’s an app, I still use an old

fashion journal. Tracking helps to celebrate what you can do and how you progress NOT how you look. It’s not fair to compare your story to others because you may be comparing your beginning to someone’s middle.

-In addition to having a plan, have a time limit. This will add increase urgency, focus and intensity, with technology- I see an increase of zombie workouts or training with inefficient rest times, dangerous eye cringing structural movements, and simply put- waisting time.

-Finally IF you have consistently put in work for 12 weeks and have been as mindful as possible with food and training and see LITTLE to NO progress in energy, sleep, inflammation or how your clothes fit highly consider working with a coach to help you work smarter not harder.


© 2019 by Kū-A-Kanaka

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