Introducing the "Catch Up Babe" 20 min Workout: CUB Mobility

Updated: Jun 4

Introducing the "C.U.B"Series!

So you missed our live workout?!

No problem- it is all about balance.

Here are some WODS (work outs of the day) to help you "Catch Up B**tch" Hahaha

It takes a certain level of discipline and focus to catch up by yourself- congratulations!

How are these WODs different-

  • they are shorter 20-25 min.

  • they have a bonus section, you pick: end with 100 sits up, push ups, squats, untimed

  • they mix stretch, strength and mobility

  • and they are meant to catch you up without too much time

  • and don't forget after you CUB...send me a pic of you or your work space

CUB # 1


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