Dear Meal Prep Client, As I sit back here in Hawaii and reflect, I wanted to say thank you for taking a chance on me. Overall it was a lot, relocating my “system” from an island to Cali, I learned a lot. When I move over next summer I wouldn’t open this to the public, I’d prefer to service no more than 10-12 clients to hand select snacks and create food to suit their lifestyle. I’d invest in a outdoor refrigerator to give pick up some wiggle room in terms of differing work schedules and traffic. And so much more…

I’d love any feed back from you. Seriously…I started this journey because after getting divorced I felt I was incredibly INADEQUATE as a human being, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, I didn’t know how to cook food that didn’t make me sick, I failed at love. Little did I know that my journey would be anything BUT LONELY and that love can be a kaleidoscope of things.

Dec marks my YouTube channel launch specializing on meal prep and functional nutrition. Overall, I would love your feedback on what is missing, what needs to be broken down. Below is a breakdown of what you got and before I launch the YouTube channel I will message you again for more feedback. Stay tuned… and please don’t forget to give me feedback below.

Turkey Burger Dish Teriyaki Chicken Dish Honey Lime Chicken Dark Greens Mixed Asian salad mix Mixed Superfood salad Mixed nuts and seeds Mixed nuts and seeds Mixed nuts and seeds Quinoa Carrots Brown Rice Slow cooked ground turkey, Brown Rice Slow cooked chicken breasts,

black beans, garlic, onion, Slow cooked chicken breast, lime juice from 5 limes, small

spices and tomatoes full bottle of gluten free bottle of salsa, 1/2 cup to full

teriyaki sauce of your choice cup of honey, topped with

preferably with 8 grams of honey roasted peanuts.

sugar or less, didnʻt really care

for this brand, but love the

San J gluten free brand.

Quick Guide

Supplements: Snacks: GF Salad Toppers: Here is a picture of the Lara Bar. cookie dough & Pumpkin seeds, honey roasted

supplements: peanut butter cookie peanuts, flavored chickpeas, -green powder I provided, 1 Paleo Baking Co: dark plantains, organic salad mix

teaspoon, 5 servings. I use chocolate muffins, also comes (Costco), hemp seeds,

both Green Vibrance in blueberry and banana cranberries, sliced almonds

(available in stores $65-$85) Justinʻs Almond Butter available at Trader Joes and

Opti Greens (available Sprouts has a great collection Sprouts

through me with 1st Phorm of singles in different brands

$55) and in group packets -White powder, keto creamer Oatmega Bars: found in some

1 tablespoon, 2 Vitamin Shoppe and Sprouts

servings. available in stores

$35, I can get a discount


Quick Costo "Essentials" Guide

If all else fails if I have these things, I’m pretty good: Veggies: Two different salad mix, tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers and dark greens. Carbs: Brown rice and quinoa

Protein pairings (not pictured): chicken breast plain or Italian, ground turkey, frozen wild Salmon pack, canned chicken or tuna Fat/Flavor: Salsa, Holy Guacamole individual packs, hummus, plain yogurt (to replace sour cream), almond or peanut butter.


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