Hi! As I pack our bags to fly over tomorrow, here are a few logistical things. First, again, I appreciate you including me in your life. Let’s begin:

Sunday and Wednesday pick up will be at:

10904 Ratliffe St. Norwalk, Ca 90650 Sunday pick up hours from 3:00pm-6:00pm

Wednesday pick up hours after 7:00pm to avoid traffic **Please call or email me if you need to pick up earlier or later. ** Preferred payment is cash, check or Venmo on Sunday $90

Evolving Menu (pending on your goals, dietary needs and local grocery options): Proteins: slow cooked honey lime chicken, turkey burgers, salmon burgers, turkey chili, kalua turkey, tuna patties, gluten free teriyaki chicken and fajita patties​

Carbs: quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, plantains

Veggies: local mixed greens from farmers market topped with a variety of nuts, seeds and fats

(depending on goals)

Fats/flavor: hummus, homemade peanut sauce, salsa

Snacks: paleo muffins, Oatmega bar, Lara bar, almond butter and fruit

At the end of this meal prep week after further discussion, you will get a detailed email on all the recipes and my recommended follow through/continuation plan, as a mini health consult. Overall, a few small tips to help evolve your health practice are paying attention to:

1. Water- hydration is key, try to consume half your body weight in oz, or at least as close to it (i.e. If you are 160 = 80oz)

2. Breakfast- if you habitually have refined sugar and/or caffeine, know both dehydrate the brain, supplement that habit to include protein and water to feed your body and brain. It will help with the 3:00pm crash later. (Eggs and/or protein powder in coffee or oatmeal work great.)

3. Exercise- try to workout 2-3 days a week, something that gets your heart rate up for at least 25 minutes

4. Relationships- mentally note how often, intentional and frequent you feel joy, as our serotonin levels play a huge role in our ability to make rationale decisions, manage stress, and stress weight and stress eating.

5. Stress/Trigger Food- as we battle conflicting priorities and time, many of us get into the habit of habitual eating, which is fine once in a while but when you combine long hours on the job, or in the car over time it becomes problematic. This year, this is the one habit I’ve tried to examine the most for myself as a bodybuilder.

Finally, something I don’t share with many is: 1. Summer 2018 I will bring my meal prep service to LA more permanently. Yes, if you return you will get an OG discount.

2. As I evolve as an educator and athlete I am proud to share some of my affliations and sponsorships through discount codes and such, these include:

Fitness Clothing: www.paragonfitwear.com: Crap free supplement company: www.gainsinbulk.com Meal Prep and Gym Bags: fitmarkbags.com Meal Prep all in one tool: www.prepsealer.com 3. As I continue to evolve, plan and design this relocation, any feedback on this experience would be great.

Thank you again! ​Steph

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