Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish is a small iron cooking tool that infuses your meals with a healthy amount of natural iron to help prevent iron deficiency and anemia. It’s simple to use, and provides a natural source of iron that’s perfect for everyone, especially those with an increased need for iron: athletes, vegetarians, vegans and women.

This off season I’ve taken a special interest in recovery and focusing on my clients. One reoccurring theme is iron deficiency but the pills and drops are bit much, so I tried Lucky Iron Fish. I literally drop it in a pot, pour a liter of water, boil for 10 min add 2-3 drops citrus and viola I have fortified iron rich water I can either drink or cook with for my family. Sometimes I just boil my pasta in it, or use it to cook the rice, oatmeal or quinoa.  It releases about 4-7 mg of bioavailable iron = similar to that of a steak.

I’m not one for gimmicks but iron deficiency is no joke and with the amount of nose bleeds my son’s been having and my body still recovering from a year of hard strict dieting I wanted to find a natural way to infuse more iron in our life. Any who if you’re near me and want to try hit me up, if not use code AMB10 to get 10% your order.


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