The airport with a toddler is tricky; however, so is being functional, happy, sexy and vacation ready when you get off the plane. I used to approach the airplane ride as the beginning of my trip, often indulging and eating food I usually never eat. I connected the ride with a break and that’s when I got into “trouble.” Sitting for long hours attempting to digest food I never really ate was a terrible recipe for fun, functional and vacation ready. Now there are a few questions I ask myself before packing for an inflight service.

  • What time is the flight? 

  • How do I want to feel at the end of the flight? 

  • Morning flights: I will pack eggs and bank on a good cup of coffee with a zip lock of vanilla protein powder to mix

  • Afternoon flights I will make sure I eat a solid breakfast, like a huge one (oatmeal and 1 cup of egg whites) to curb the afternoon of airport food, snacks and more

  • Night flights I get a workout in, a long and hard one, make sure I eat all my meals and end with the standard simple protein and veggie dinner. 

However words are just words…here is a sneak peak into what I packed for my  3:30pm flight to LAX arriving at midnight.

Leimana still eats regular and I do have a few fries but it is nowhere near what it used to be because at the end of this flight I want to feel refreshed, healthy and functional.  He also jumps in the rice cake, steak and cashew game.  Now that I went to all this trouble to feel and be a certain way it’s nice since a few fries can be enjoyed and if I want more it just tells me I am actually hungry, not phantom hungry and I have a million free options in my lunch bag that keep me within my means and goals.


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