Whether you are eating for health, shredding and/or for happiness, the food that we eat need some intention. After you have that intention setting up your everyday work stations to practice that is key to transforming it into a lifestyle. Here is what works for me because having a well armored counter helps. Here’s my line up on what is readily available:

  1. Flask- I try to drink from one so I always know how much water I am cosuming, staying hydrated is key to digestion, energy, the lists goes forever. I try to drink half my body weight in oz daily. (i.e. if your 100lbs, you need 50oz of water plus more if you are doing cardio)

  2. Steamer (with timer) I’ve burnt so many things the timer is clutch it even has suggested times written on it. This is on all the time, mostly sweet potato and broccoli, sometimes fish or chicken

  3. Grillemate (best thrift store purchase) this is my other abused tool, from quick steaks, turkey burgers, chicken, fish to asparagus, making my sweet potato chips, eggplant.

  4. Scale- I’m terrible at portions and work better with real numbers, deepening on my goal, plan and purpose varying anywhere from 6-3 oz of sweet potato per serving.

  5. Shaker bottle: this one stacks inside with vitamin holder and separate compartment for powder.

  6. Nutribullet: smoothies, blending coffee with protein powder (functional lattes)

  7. Omega juicer: not used often but ideal for fresh juices, amazing salad dressings and homemade medicine

  8. Spiralizer: noodling zucchini, beets, carrots, sweet potato

  9. CoffeeCupcake/Doughnut Maker: great for making healthy treats as my family eats ANYTHING shaped like a doughnut

  10. Crockpot: a must for any busy mom. Drop, go and you have food…


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