For the past few weeks I’ve been meal prepping for a handful of people. I prep their food for five days (1 meal/1 snack or 2 meals/snack).  Everyone’s goals and lifestyles are different which makes my job of preparing, portions and packaging fun and challenging. I truly love what I do. I’m not going to lie and tell you this is easy, but it is the challenge and love that enables my creativity to thrive and my mind to stretch. I share this with you because often, the idea of “health food” is lifeless. However, in my experience, I can be at the gym all day, but the real work is in the kitchen.  I hope by sharing my menu, it helps inspire you to try different combinations that are functional, fashionable and delicious.

Here is my meal prep menu for the last few weeks:

Combo 1: Salmon patties, turkey burgers, honey lime chicken, savory sun dried tomatoes with either quinoa, brown rice, or sweet potato, over some kind of greens.

Combo 2: Turkey spaghetti with zucchini noodles, thai crunch salad, curry shrimp,  and black bean corn quinoa.

Combo 3: Flavor God lemon garlic chicken, slow cook herb duck, cauliflower mash, brown rice, black bean quinoa, variety of salads and sweet potato curly fries.

Combo 4: Spinach/arugula salad with slow cooked peppered steak, paleo gravy, stuffed turkey chili in sweet bell peppers, turkey bacon-kale “Caesar” salad, brown rice, flourless sweet potato brownie bites.

Combo 5: Waimea greens, spaghetti beets, avo lime dressing, roasted potatoes, roasted pumpkin and brussel sprouts, lemon garlic chicken, cilantro and lime beef, fajita burgers, sweet potato donut bites, paleo apple mini muffins.

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