Full Body Friday #1 (w/ Video)

Updated: Jun 4

Full body, low impact, no equipment workout with two follow along videos below.

Warm Up

Right over left, left over right

Arm circles front, back

Hip Openers

Exercises: work for 40 sec, rest for 20 seconds

  1. Chair Pose

  2. Tower: toes, knees, shoulders, reach up

  3. Sumo Pulse

  4. Sumo L Lift

  5. Sumo R Lift

  6. Sumo Arm Circles Front

  7. Sumo Arm Circles Back

  8. Sumo Arms Open and Reach

  9. Sumo Reach Left and Right

  10. X Reach

  11. L Knee to chest

  12. R Knee to chest

  13. Walk Outs

  14. Plank Pulse

  15. Boat pose in and out abs

Cool down


Low Lunge Right Side Stretch

Low Lunge Left Side Stretch


Speed up to 6:20 to follow along to this workout.

Speed up to 27:00 to go straight to the warm up and workout


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