Paelo Cupcakes

Our paleo muffins are made of:  coconut flour, almond flour, egg, almond milk, agave, cinnamon…no measuring just eyeing it to a thick consistency. I wanted Mana to know that sometimes you just have to “see” it to understand. This is the way I was taught.

Cooking with Leimana started from the time he was born. However it has been wonderful to see how to continue that spark now that he is older. From stools to smaller spatulas to his own personal treat maker, cooking has never been more fun. The Babycakes treat maker has removable hot plates that enable you to make muffins, cake pops or doughnuts. Truthfully,  we can put anything in here, sometimes just dough and with butter and the shape of a cupcake or doughnut; he is happy because he made it. On a functional-allergy-health scale it is great because you can control portions and truly see how alternative flour and sugar works.


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