Self Care Resources- NO BS Clients

Homework: Please answer these questions in our private FACEBOOK Group!

1. What are your core habits to self care?


  • water

  • start/end day revisiting my goals or journaling

  • first 10 min of cardio is a podcast or motivational speech

  • last 5-10 min of post workout is a podcast or slow song to transition out

  • Food alarms/reminders (when I am too emotional

  • 80% no tech while I eat ( I get too emotional )

  • Eizenhower Matrix when feeling overwhelmed

2. How do I manage so many projects?

3. How do I manage money? (free trackers)

  • 4. Introducing my Virtual Gym

  • Comes with my NO BS Payment, July play, beta, test. August set schedule.

5. Thank you for your votes!


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