The White Facebook Box Asked ...How Are You?

Heavy thoughts-

I'm not looking for a debate, or a fight.

The white Facebook box just asked "Steph what's on your mind..." so I answered...

Am I bothered by these protest? Or bothered by how divided we all are? Or the fact that tourist still think Hawaii is open?

Or the reality in how many Hawaii families bend/justify/make exceptions to social distancing...


Is it the fact that we always have to be the best, first... the best nation, the best sports, #1 now in COVID infections and deaths...

We are the most free nation, and still yet we don't know how to agree or understand how to connect the privileges and responsibilities of that freedom to one another- how free is that?

AIDS was framed as a homosexual virus COVID is now one for the elders

Is it too much in our capacity to digest MORE... Because in my mother tongue and many other native tongues, the translation of these times would be MORE

Or do I feel embarrassment?

I am the fact that China was able to fight for 3-4 months and stay focused on ONE cause and we are unraveling at 3-4 weeks now pointing fingers at many other causes because we as a nation, we are so young, entitled and need to learn the hard way...


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