Updated: Mar 31, 2019

As I end 2018 and slowly think of 2019 (turning 35), I revisit my reflection on turning 30…

Top 10 Thoughts Transitioning to my 30s

Three years ago on my “Golden Birthday, 27 on July 27th” and I wished for my son.  Last year, I remember holding my son and wondering what it would feel like when he could verbally wish me a happy birthday. And finally, this year, at my family dinner in California, on my dirty thirty, my son sang his heart out to me.  And from his tune, I thought to myself…Dear Bliss, I just met you.

My wise sister once told me, “Life should always get better. You will not be one of those people that look back and reminisce of the good ‘ol days because it is your responsibility to make ALL your days good.” She also told me, “Sometimes in life you have to have breakdowns to have breakthroughs.”

As I anticipate, look forward to, meditate, and gently explore these new beginnings, here are my top ten thoughts that I have intimately come across in one way or another that I continue to learn, relearn and relearn again.

1. Don’t forget, each day you wake up anew, choose, choose, choose YOU, over and over and over again.

2. Allow yourself genuine moments of pure weakness, so when it is time to be strong again, it is just as intentional.

3. Explore, study, and memorize how you transform your fears into fuel.

4. Act and share important moments with the most amount of courage you can, it can do wonders in blocking, overshadowing, and debunking the little crumbs of fear, doubt and insecurity that can take away from the experience.

5. Make it a point to notice when the lines between courage and fear as well as desperation and determination have blurred. It is during these times, you have to dig deep and listen to your intuition. It is in this practice we either get good at listening to it, or distracting ourselves from it.

6a. Make a genuine effort to see yourself as someone who is AMAZING, just as naturally and effortlessly as you do with others.

6b. In other words, stop finding greatness in others so that you can avoid seeing the greatness within yourself.

7. Protect your fire: feed it, sustain it and honor it. Tastefully and gracefully limit your interactions with things and people that threaten to dim your flame.

8. In order for you to breakthrough your force field of mental consciousness, in order to expand and grow deeper beyond your imagination, you must be willing to do the thing you thought you never could do.

9. Remember, you don’t have to chase anything if it is standing right next to you.

10. If you can find peace in chaos, you can find peace anywhere. But remember, there are also some points, where you are able to choose the chaos. The power and responsibility in choosing what type of chaos you engage with is just as important as your quest for peace. Choose wisely.


© 2019 by Kū-A-Kanaka

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