Progress is always tricky. Our health is composed of a series of things, ranging from emotional, nutritional, physical and more. Because it is so dynamic, it is imperative we measure in dynamic ways. Here is a 3 month visual “report card” I give my clients to help them honor their progress and process. I find that the images help them see the scope of work they do beyond the scale. Sure many of my clients want to lose weight, but the number on the scale isn’t always transparent in what the body is doing. For example, this client in particular went from Spinning 3-4/week, to consistently 4/week, and adding in once a week family hikes. Despite her lack of weight change, she was able to stabilize her A1C and lower her diastolic and systolic blood pressure. As a mom of 3 beating diabetes and hypertension is huge! Now as we work together, we can continue to slowly find what is sustainable and practical for her as a mom, wife and professional.


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