Hi… here is my list of 5 initial takeaways on why Black Panther is so much more than a movie:

1. The depiction of women of color as dynamic strong intellectual sources of knowledge and strength had me on the verge of tears almost the entire time. The absence of hypersexuality and objectification also go the tear ducts going.

2. The dynamic between colonized and non colonized, historically privileged and accepting that as fact, as a free and normalized conversation was refreshing. I mean can I start barking everything I feel that way?

3. Each character was both complex yet clear about their intentions, and the support and respect about the complications of their intentions and commitment to the community made me think of a world of fully actualized beings.

4. Seeing men of color walk with purpose and conviction and healing through education history and love blew me away. It wasn’t a story of men and women or color, it was a story of humans operating at their full potential, with a vision, a clarity of the future, vibrantly living in the future while intimately holding on to their past.

5. Our civil and internal wars are always so much deeper as America looks to the world I think people of color are constantly looking within ourselves.


© 2019 by Kū-A-Kanaka

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