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Here is my "go to" habit tracker that ensures Leimana and I stay productive throughout the year, but especiallly during breaks.



Seven Free & Productive Things Teens Can Do For Spring Break:

  1. Choreograph Tik Tok videos
  2. Organize/Create YouTube files list
  3. Organize/Create Spotify Study and/or Music Playlist 
  4. Clean out closet and organize a clothing exchange
  5. Start a new workout plan both in cardio strength and stretching
  6. Lean to cook/meal prep by asking parents what they can do at home while the parents are at work
  7. Go through the App Store to find free and new apps specific to needs: homework organization, time management, habit trackers, motivation


Habit Tracker

  • At the checkout: please type in "FREE" to get this at no charge.

  • Sample habit plans


    Adults (focus: health)

    1. eat meals without technology
    2. 4-6 glasses of water
    3. take or give a compliment
    4. do something creative or out of comfort zone
    5. physical activity


    Adults (focus: fitness)

    1. eat meals without technology
    2. drink enough water = half your body weight
    3. each meal contain ___________ (protein or veggies) depending on your goals
    4. 25-45 min of cardiovascular exercise
    5. 25-45 min of strength exercise


    Middle School- Highschool

    (focus: balance and productivity during break)

    1. 20-30 min Physical Activity
    2. 20-30 min Read or prepare for college (scholarships, essays)
    3. 20-30 min Attempt to learn something new- find something actually educational on Netflix, Youtube, explore on your own: cooking. craft
    4. Take the time eat better (either subbing new food or trying new things)
    5. Organize/Clean or do something "adulting"



    (What my son actual does, he is 7)

    1. 20-30 min physical activity
    2. outdoors or craft of choice
    3. 20-30 min read
    4. 4-5 worksheets of choice in gradelevel workbook
    5. 20-30 video games or television (if not, it goes unmonitored and he goes forever)
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