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Heal: island oils + ayurvedic medicine.


Combining some of Hawaii's finest oils (kukui, macadamia nut) along side holistic health's most ancient ingredients (geranium and calendula), inspired by my years of eczema, hives, welts, sun spots, dry spots and more. Designed to rehydrate, calm and soothe raw, itchy, irritated skin in the most gentle way possible. 


  • Ingredients: calendula infused kukui oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, geranium, vitamin E with tiny hints of lavender, marjoram, chamomile, and iliahi (Hawaiian sandalwood) and vanilla.

    Ingredients: kukui oil, sweet almond oil, lime oil, lemongrass oil and peppermint oil.


    All products are handcrafted on Hawai'i using ingredients that are 100% natural, organic, chemical free & safe for the family. Each product is designed to inspire your daily holistic health and wellness practice.



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