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Tired of investing in pills, programs and powders?  Learn how to meal prep in under 2 hours with little to no fancy kitchen tools.

  • Body & nutrition transformation  in 8 weeks or less 
  • 4 proven skills specifically designed to transform your body, mental clarity, time and money with real food
  • Step by step nutrition coaching
  • Cut weekday meal prep to 20 min or less. Learn how to NEVER diet again



When making a lifestyle change, there are a lot of factors to consider.  I took my time in considering if I wanted to commit both my time, energy, and money to this bootcamp. Based on past failures and bad information in other health programs, I felt that being mindful of nutrition and health was just confusing, expensive, and time consuming... It took one conversation with Steph for me to push my excuses aside and give myself the chance to change.

What I valued from Steph’s mentorship is her understanding that it isn’t easy, there will be barriers, you will make mistakes, you will have ups and downs, but regardless, she will be there every single step of the way. She never left. She allowed pace to reflect but also threw challenges to battle negativity. I appreciated her ability to use her experiences (good and bad) to shape the curriculum and she truly entered on the human level during this health journey. In addition, I firmly believe that knowledge is power. Whew! We had anatomy, physiology, exercise science, biology, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience integrated into tangible applied learning lessons was incredibly beneficial to not just learn—but to truly understand as well. You understand the body and you understand yourself. She listens, she empathizes, but she also empowers and encourages. It’s a reciprocal partnership that allows for perpetual growth and a change in perspective... Highly recommend.

J. Waipa

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into but I knew I could feel something great was about to happen! This program has opened my eyes to a different meaning of self care and I have a greater respect for living my best life! Thank you Steph for your time and educating me with knowledge I can share with my family.

Kahea Anzai

She LISTENS! She doesn't just speak at you, she listens to your wants and needs and finds the happy medium. She motivates you to push beyond what you think you can do and is always available to make sure you feel supported and valuable!

Alicia Paglinawan

Steph is a force of nature! She has the rare combination of content knowledge, applied experience, and full-throated passion! In other words she knows her stuff, sheʻs been there, and sheʻll inspire you you to do the same! 

Franco Acquaro, Ph.D

Steph is such a beautiful soul! When I had questions about my diet and my body, I contacted her and she created a personalized video for me that not only addressed my questions but that opened up an opportunity for further dialogue, conversation, and learning. When I met with Steph in person, she created a comfortable and nurturing environment, one that I could easily share in. It is clear, with everything that she does, that health and genuine wellness is her passion. She is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and she approaches her work with true aloha! I am extremely thankful for all of the work that she puts into learning, educating herself, and working with people. Our community is better because of people like Steph.

Emalani Case


  • You no longer want to depend on a pill, program or powder.
  • You have experienced some results, but have yet to maintain them.
  • You enjoy both freedom (options, flexibility) and structure.
  • You look to both scientific and native/indigenous ways of knowing towards your health, nutrition & fitness practice.
  • You enjoy tracking, analyzing, journaling and specific feedback.
  • You believe your mental health is directly connected to your nutrition and fitness routine.
  • You are not looking for a quick fix but rather exposure to education, a variety of habits and tangible to dos.
  • You have a strong ethic of excellence but sometimes lack the motivation and energy to direct it towards yourself.
  • You enjoy learning from both hands on activities and traditional methods such as video, charts and graphs.
  • You tend to get bored with food and fitness and appreciate creativity and diversity.


How long are the courses?

Meal Plans are generally written for four weeks, mini courses can be completed in as little as 1 week but the client may use the rest of the month to perfect the skill and mastery courses vary from 4-8 weeks depending on client.

What is included in the courses?

The Booty Building Program is a 12 part video series and comes with a PDF as well as written content.

The monthly Meal Plans are generally  2-4 part video series and comes with a PDF sharing detailed recipes, weekly grocery list, meal planning sheets and more.

For other courses please checkout the course library. 

Does the monthly membership program include a specific nutrition plan and workout program?

Yes, but as a holistic health coach it is imperative I give my clients voice and choice. Each month, members are given a monthly motivation bundle, equipped with habits, trackers, themes and more. 

Each month I coach and empower each woman to find the structure and balance she needs to achieve her goal. In short she may follow the meal plan exact or instead take bits and pieces of the plan to suit her needs.

Does this program require me to purchase any other additional supplements?

No, in fact in the hierarchy of health, nutrition and fitness- supplements are last. Occasionally, in our private Facebook group, members will have specific questions on products, request to do product reviews in which I record detailed information regarding the product and I may possibly reach out to members privately to provide more specialized information. 




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